Who We Are

We’ve each had pre-birth experiences with our children, and have felt called of God to love, educate, persuade and inspire others to courageously give life to the child within who so desperately wants to be born, and nurture all the children we are blessed to parent.


Sarah Hinze:  I have spent more than 20 years studying pre-birth experiences.  After I married and our children began to arrive, several of their births were preceded by what I later learned to call an “announcing dream” in which I saw or sensed the soul of the child to be born. In some cases I was even told what the child’s chosen name was to be.

I wondered if other parents had these experiences, and soon discovered that I was by no means the only one. But what began as curiosity became a quest when I received a profound impression that part of my life’s mission was to research, teach, and write about the souls of the unborn.

As I began this research, I was soon joined by my husband, Brent. We proceeded to conduct interviews, collect case studies, give talks, and publish about the marvels and mysteries of “announcing dreams.”  We worked carefully to honestly report what we were learning.

Our data demonstrates that unborn souls can “announce” their birth not only in dreams but also in visions or in audible or telepathic messages, usually to mothers but sometimes to fathers or other family members.

We also found that what we came to call “pre-birth experiences” have been reported in many cultures, although they are more common in some than in others.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have shared their unique and beautiful spiritual experiences of their unborn children with me.  The blessings of family, friends and this mission and ministry have enriched my life beyond measure.



Kathy Fowkes:  I’ve been married a little over 30 years and have seven children and seven grandchildren, so far.  My husband and I have had pre-birth experiences with most of our children before they were born, but I did not know they were a “thing” (as my teenagers say!) until I met Sarah.

Almost 20 years ago I heard Sarah speak at our writer’s group right after she returned from Washington, DC. Her message was unprecedented and I felt the Spirit confirm to my heart that I needed to help her in any way I could to get her message out to the world.  It was the 90s and the internet was just beginning to explode. I stayed home to raise our first four children who were only 4 1/2 years apart in age while my husband worked out of the home. I always loved reading, writing and connecting with others of like mind, so in my spare time I became involved in online discussion groups focused on either writing or parenting or both.

In the mid-90s I taught myself HTML and maintained a website for women who liked to write, so it was as natural as breathing to offer to write Sarah’s website within about a minute after introducing myself.  We have been working together ever since with some short breaks to care for our families (and in my case to bring my last three children, now in high school, into the world).

The website has undergone a number of transitions over the years including domain name changes.  Now we’re happy to have our new home at thecastaways.world as the focus of this work has shifted to the castaways who need more voices to speak for them and encourage birth and positive parenting.  You can read more about the pre-birth experience in general and about Sarah at www.SarahHinze.com.

Sarah and I have different voices and if you hang around enough as we write about the castaways and parenting in general, you’ll begin to recognize our different styles.  But as different as we may be, our hearts are as one in our love for women and their children-those they choose to have, and those they do not. We hope you’ll join us often!





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